Available October, 2013
Senior Health Wall Calendar

Senior Health Calendar

This unique, year-round senior health education program in a calendar format has won dozens of awards for its effectiveness and popularity among millions of older adults that have used the calendars over the last 20 years. This full-color wall calendar features 12 senior health education “sidebar” topics together with monthly photos of older adults—the diverse photos selected every year emphasize positive aspects of healthy aging. The calendar also includes monthly tips on wise use of medicines, weekly good health tips, and content that focuses on key CMS health risks. The calendar has been carefully designed for older adults with larger type, a low-glare matte-finish paper for easier reading and writing, and a spiral binding for easy hanging on the wall.


All calendars include your program information listed on the bottom message imprint area—visible every day of the year. For orders of 500 or more calendars, there is the option to personalize the entire inside back cover of the calendar. Orders of 1,000+ calendars include a "Name Your Own Calendar" and other custom options.

Special Options Available

Response cards and coupons, custom stickers, and complete shipping and fulfillment services. Contact us for samples and details.


How to Customize Your Senior Health Calendars

Personalized Calendar Message Imprint AreaCustom Option 1
Your Personalized Copy on the Bottom Message Imprint Area

With your minimum order of 200 calendars, we personalize the bottom message imprint area with your custom copy—seen every day of the year!

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Your Custom Inside Back Calendar CoverCustom Option 2
Your Custom Inside Back Cover

With your order of 500 or more calendars, we’ll create your own custom inside back cover. Contact us for creative examples of client inside back covers.

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Name Your CalendarCustom Option 3
"Name Your Calendar"

With your order of 1,000+ calendars, you can name your own calendar! The upper left corner of the calendar is reserved for your name and logo printed in black ink.

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Your Own Custom Calendar CoverCustom Option 4
Your Own Custom Calendar Cover

With your order of 3,000+ calendars, we’ll create your own completely custom calendar cover combined with our existing inside calendar pages. You can provide your own photos, or we can supply photos (at a small additional cost).

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Your Own Senior CalendarCustom Option 5
Your Own Senior Calendar

With your order of 5,000+ calendars, we can create a completely custom calendar for your senior program. This calendar featured winners of an art contest among Louisiana students. Contact us for additional custom senior calendar examples.

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Custom Option 5

The 2014 Senior Health Wall Calendars range in price from $2.68 to $3.16 per calendar, in quantities from 200 (minimum order) to 3,000 calendars and include your free personalized program information. (Shipping is extra.) There are significant discounts prices for quantities of 3,000 or more calendars.

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Please visit for information about our other custom senior market wall calendar and pocket planner programs.

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